The Green Room Spa      212 Main Street     McGregor, Iowa       (563) 873-2639

The Green Room Spa Club

Benefits of a Monthly Membership


Clients that enjoy the Green Room Spa Club benefits receive a 1-hour basic Swedish Massage every month plus unlimited usage of our in-house sauna.


$44.00 per month



Additional Benefits


  • Members can choose to receive additional 1-hour basic Swedish Massages for the discounted price of $40.00.  That is $10.00 off our regular price!  This benefit is unlimited for the rest of the month!


  • Primary club members receive a 10% discount on all other services at the Green Room Spa.


  • Members may add a "co-member" for no additional cost.  Co-members receive unlimited basic Swedish massages for $40.00 each and unlimited use of the sauna.